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Directory of European and national rules on Web Applications (updated version, 21 May 2008)
edited by the Research Staff of the Italian Senate Library


Overview from the ECPRD Correspondent

"Cyprus is in the process of formulating a comprehensive National Strategy for Information Societyin order to implement the i2010 policy, the main object of which is to utilize the possibilities offered by the ICTs for the achievement of digital convergence.

Main eGovernment infrastructure components:

Government Portal and Government Secure Gateway
The Government portal ( ) is an institutional website as well as an entry point to public information and services. Through the Portal the visitor can visit Governmental and non Governmental Web Sites that offer various informative and interactive services.
Government Data Network (GDN) and Government Internet Node (GIN)
The Government Data Network (GDN), which interconnects all government information systems/organisations has been established. GDN is a broadband network based on ATM/frame relay technology over which all government systems are interconnected to exchange information utilising web workflow technologies. GDN provides a secure and fast interconnection between the various Local Area Networks of the Civil Service (Intranet) and also facilitates a secure and fast connection of the Government Organisations with the Government Internet Node (GIN).


Progress in the field of eID
The Cyprus Government intends to introduce electronic identification /authentication (eID, smart cards) for public services, in cooperation with the other EU Member States, in order to realise seamless access to public services across boarders. eID standardisation/ interoperability is essential in order to put in place key pan-European services, such as cross-border company registration, electronic public procurement, job search, eVoting, eHealth etc.

eProcurement Strategy Study
The eProcurement strategy study for the preparation of the Terms of Reference for the project was completed in July 2006. The study covers the eRegistration, eNotification, ePreparation of a call for tenders, eTendering, eAwarding phases as well as the Statistical Analysis. eOrdering and e-Invoicing are not in the scope of the current study. According to the plan, the project implementation will be completed by the end of 2008. This will be followed by a pilot operation period of seven months and by mid 2009 Cyprus is expected to have the e-procurement system up and running. This project is under the responsibility of the Public Procurement Directorate of the Treasury of the Republic of Cyprus.

Knowledge Management and Training Network
Knowledge Management is a prerequisite for achieving the Lisbon Strategy objectives. In order to move towards a knowledge-based Government, the Cyprus Academy of Public Administration aims to foster innovation and competitiveness by building a nationwide Internet-based knowledge management/training network that will connect all Public Service Organisations to an online information/knowledge sharing platform with eLearning capabilities.

Office Automation System (eOAS)
The Cypriot Office Automation System (eOAS) is implemented by the Department of Information Technology Services and supports enterprise-wide document management services as well as the control of work-groups and workflow. The System has brought the benefits of a paperless office, enforces existing rules and regulations, improves productivity, speeds the communication between office workers, reduces operational costs, and also provides distance-working capability.
In May 2007, eOAS has been awarded the FileNet EMEAN Innovation Award, followed by theCyprus Innovation Prize, given by the Employers and Industrialists Federation in June."
(Socrates Socratous - International Relations Service, Cyprus Parliament)


Law 112/2004
Regulation of Electronic Communications and Postal Services

Law 23.11.2001
Law on data protection
[Including processing of personal data and establishing the Office of the Commissioner for the Protection of Data]

Related document:
Amendment of 02.05.2003 to Law 23.11.2001


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Resmi gazete / Kibris Türk Federe Devleti
[Journal of the Turkish community in Cyprus]

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In particular:
Department of Information Technology Services

Government Data Network (GDN)

The Cypriot Office Automation System (eOAS)

Cyprus Academy of Public Administration

Office of the Commissioner for personal data protection

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