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Directory of European and national rules on Web Applications (updated version, 21 May 2008)
edited by the Research Staff of the Italian Senate Library



Protection of the personal data in Internet
CJ-PD (97) 47 rev 3

Council of Ministries
Decree n. 40/1998
Establishment of a Coordination Council on Information Society Problems

Council of Ministries
Decision n. 36/1998
Adoption of Strategy for the establishment of a modern administrative system in the Republic of Bulgaria
[See in particular § 5: Introduction of up-to-date information technologies in governance]

Other documents

Pact on economic and social development of the Republic of Bulgaria until 2009
[Declaration signed by the Government and by workers’ and employees’ organizations. It includes access to Internet in schools among the activities for social development]

Freedom of Information Bill
[“The Bill, which was drafted by the Campaign for Freedom of Information, was introduced under the 10-minute rule procedure on 18 November 1998. This allows a measure to be debated but does not lead to actual legislation. The Bill is a shortened version of the Campaign's previous draft bills, with various procedural and other matters left to secondary legislation. The Bill was introduced by Andrew Mackinlay”.
See in particular the purpose n. 6, assessing that a public authority shall make available on the internet: “(a) a guide sufficient to enable any person wishing to apply to it for information under this Act to identify the classes of records held by it, the subjects to which they relate, the location of any indexes to those records and, so far as is practicable, facilities to enable those indexes to be consulted by any person; (b) an indexed register containing copies of information released in response to requests under this Act other than information relating to the personal affairs of the applicant; (c) any guidance used by the authority in relation to its dealings with the public or with corporate bodies”]  


Durzhaven vestnik: ofitsialen organ na Narodnoto Subranie

Web Sources [English versions]


National Assembly


Ministry of Economy

Ministry of Finance

Ministry of Justice

Ministry of Transports

Ministry of Health

Ministry of Labour

Bulgarian Law Portal

Open Society Foundation Sofia
[Foundation aiming to promote social and cultural development according to EU principles. In 1999 it published a Report including data on Internet diffusion in the Country]

Bulgarian Institute for Legal Development






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