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Directory of European and national rules on Web Applications (updated version, 21 May 2008)
edited by the Research Staff of the Italian Senate Library


Overview from the ECPRD Correspondents

"[…] In Belgium, culture is not a federal matter and falls within the competences of the communities (Flemish, French, German-speaking Communities)[…]"
(Marc Van der Hulst - Director of the Legal Department, Belgian House of Representatives
André Rezsöhazy - Legal Department, Belgian Senate)

Government Resolutions

Résolution sur l'e-government intégré en exécution du 2ème accord de coopération intergouvernemental en matière d'e-government
[Agreement signed by the Ministries in charge of e-government at the e-government Congress held in Bruxelles]

Accord de cooperation entre l’état fédéral, les Communautés flamande, française et germanophone, la Région flamande, la Région wallonne, la Région de Bruxelles-Capitale, la Commission communautaire flamande, la Commission communautaire française et la Commission communautaire commune concernant la construction et l’exploitation d’une e-plate-forme commune
[Agreement about e-government between the Federal State and the Regions]

Projects and Strategies

Action "Anysurfer"
[Replaces now (since 01.07.2006) the Action "BlindSurfer" undertaken in 2000 and supported by the Flemish Ministry of Welfare, Health, Equal Opportunities and Cooperation to development. Promotes various projects dealing with Websites accessibility]

Flemish Community

eFl@nders-Digital Action Plan
[Flemish government programme; wishes to join the eEurope European Programme, but wants to go further and more in to details]

e-Government in Flanders - Vision and electronic services towards citizens
[Flemish government programme to create an integrated government portal, through which all citizens, companies, organizations, institutions and associations can communicate in confidence with an interactive government]  

Cultuur digitaal [Digitisation of culture in Flanders]
[Internet pages prepared by the Cultural Ministry sector of Flemish Community to illustrate the works in progress for digitisation of cultural heritage and to exchange information on programmes and policies between the member states, according to Lund principles of 4 April 2001]

Vlaams Fonds voor Sociale Integratie van Personen met een Handicap
(The Flemish Fund for the Integration of Disabled Persons)
[for Websites accessibility ]

French Community

Cadre Qualité Bruxelles (The Brussels Quality Framework)
[Workgroup aiming at the setting up of baselines for a shared vision of criteria of quality for cultural Websites. It will product a desciptive framework of the definition of the concept of quality in terms of objective and measurable criteria] =

Commissariat EASI-WAL - E-Administration et SImplification
[E-government portal with a section dedicated to Websites accessibility themes]


Moniteur Belge/Belgisch Staatsblad, 1839-

Recueil des lois, décretés et arretes/Verzameling der wetten, decreten en besluiten, 1973- . Bruxelles: Moniteur Belge

Web Sources

Portail fédéral / Federale Portaalsite

In particular:
[Section about e-government on the Federal Portal]

Chambre des Représentants de Belgique / Kamer van Volksvertegenwoordigers van België

Sénat de Belgique / Belgische Senaat

Gouvernement - site de le Premier Ministre / Eerste Minister van België

Service public fédéral Justice

[Belgian quality label for accessible websites]

French Community Web Sources

Carrefour de la Région Wallonne (Gateway to the Walloon Region)

Services publics de l'administration de la Communauté française  

Wallex, la base de données juridiques de la Région wallonne

Flemish Community Web Sources

Vlaanderen – Portail (Flemish Community Portal)
[e-government section:]

Provincie Oost-Vlaanderen (e-government portal for Flemish Community)

Agence Wallonne des Télécommunications (Flemish Telecomunications Agency)

Blindenzor Licht en Liefde (Flemish Organization for people with visual handicap)

Vlaams Fonds voor Sociale Integratie van Personen met een Handicap (Flemish Fund for the social inclusion of people with disabilities)






Quality, accessibility, usability

Best Practices