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Directory of European and national rules on Web Applications (updated version, 21 May 2008)
edited by the Research Staff of the Italian Senate Library


Overview from the ECPRD Correspondent

"[…] A special department in the Federal Chancellery, namely the Stabsstelle IKT-Strategie des Bundes [Chief Information Office]  is concerned with matters pertaining to Rules on Web Applications – many of them are not laws per se but rather mere “Guidelines” or “Codes of Conduct” […]"
(Ingrid Siess-Scherz - Head of Legal, Legislative and Research Service)


Republic of Austria
Bundesgesetz über Regelungen zur Erleichterung des elektronischen Verkehrs mit öffentlichen Stellen
E-Government-Gesetz – E-GovG
(The Austrian E-Government Act - Federal Act on Provisions Facilitating Electronic Communications with Public Bodies)
BGBl., I, N. 10/2004
entered into force on 01.03.2004 [English version]

Republic of Austria
Telekommunikationsgesetz - TKG
Federal Legal Gazette for the Republic of Austria,
(70th Federal Act: Enactment of a Telecommunications Act and Amendment of the Federal Act on Work Inspection in the Field of Transport and the KommAustria Act)
BGBl., I, N. 70/2003
Issued on 19.08.2003
Amended in BGBl. I N. 178/2004 and BGBl. I N. 133/2005 [English version]

Republic of Austria
E-Commerce-Gesetz – ECG
(E-Commerce-Act - Federal Act with which certain legal aspects of electronic commercial and legal transactions are to be regulated (E-Commerce Act) and the Signature Act as well as the Civil Procedure Code are to be modified)
Original version: BGBl., I, N. 152/2001
date of the version: 01.08.2003 [English version]

Projects and Strategies

Federal Chancellery - Coordination and Strategy Committee of the Federal Government
Plattform Digitales: Österreich (PDÖ)
(Platform Digital Austria)
[Portal to digital strategies]  

Bundeskanzleramt (Federal Chancellery)
Broschüre i2010 Österreich – Umsetzung der i2010 Initiative in Österreich
(Brochure: i2010 Austria – Implementation of the i2010 Initiative in Austria)

Web-Accessibility - Internet Zugang für alle
[Portal to policies against digital divide]   

Gestaltung barrierefreier Internetangebote für Behörden
Version 2.0.0 : 05.11.2007
 [White Paper Webacc - on web accessibility]

Stabsstelle IKT-Strategie des Bundes [Chief Information Office]
e-Government strategien
Author: Prof. Dr. Reinhard Posch
Wien, 14-16.09.2002
Teil I (Online Verfahren)
Teil II (Verfahren und Methoden innerhalb der Bundesverwaltung)

Bericht über die Umsetzung der WAI1-Leitlinien in Österreich
Stand: 2. Quartal 2002
Mag. Birgit Wilder
Wien, 19.06.02

Projektschwerpunkt eCulture [Project Focus eCulture]


Bundeskanzleramt, IKT-Strategie des Bundes
Erhebung Barrierefreiheit 2007, Endbericht
Version 1.3
Abteilung I/11, E-Government – Recht, Organisation, Internationales
Autoren: Dr. Gregor Eibl, Mag. (FH) Heike Wagner-Leimbach
[Survey conducted in 2007]


Bundesegesetzblatt für die Republik Österreich, 1945-
Gesetzblatt für Das Land Österreich

Web Sources

Österreichischen Parlament [English version]

Bundesregierung - Bundeskanzleramt (The Austrian Federal Chancellery ) [English version] [English version]

In particular:
Bundeskanzleramt - Rechtsinformationssystem des Bundes (RIS)

List of Austrian laws in English (Last Update: 8 May 2008)

Bundeskanzleramt - Stabsstelle IKT-Strategie des Bundes (Chief Information Office)

Bundesministeriums für Unterricht, Kunst und Kultur (Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, the Arts and Culture) [English and French version]

Plattform Digitales:
Österreich (PDÖ) - Koordinations- und Strategiegremium der Bundesregierung für E-Government in Österreich

In particular:
Das Österreichische E-Government Guetesiegel

Rundfunk & Telekom Regulierungs (Austrian Regulatory Authority for Broadcasting and Telecommunications)

In particular:
KommAustria Austrian Communications Authority [English version]







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Best Practices